Basic philosophy

Maintaining the founding philosophy of improving nutrition of general public by using umami  seasonings to make a simple diet tasty, the Ajinomoto Group as an “Solution-Providing Group of Companies for Food and Health Issues” has achieved growth since its establishment in a consistent manner through initiatives to co-create social value and economic value by conducting business. These kinds of initiatives have been named ASV (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value) and ASV is positioned at the core of our management policy (hereinafter, “ASV Management”). To realize our 2030 vision of becoming a company that “contributes to greater wellness for people worldwide, unlocking the power of amino acids to resolve the food and health issues associated with dietary habits and aging,” we will continue to endeavor to strengthen corporate governance by advancing ASV Management.

Recently, the business environment has changed dramatically due to the prolonged covid-19 disaster, and more comprehensive risk management is important than ever. We honestly comply with the Ajinomoto Group Policy (AGP) that shows the ideal way of thinking and action that Ajinomoto Group companies and their officers and employees should comply with, continue to develop and properly operate our internal control system, strengthen our system that considers sustainability as an active risk-taking system, and continuously enhance our corporate value.

Corporate Governance Framework

Directors, Auditors and Corporate Executive Officers